Utah is a special state that has wide expanses of the Western U.S. It’s complete, in other words, with a huge swath of the land looking like one might imagine various martian landscapes to appear. It has natural wonders all its own that make it something of a breathtaking and awe-inspiring place.

It’s a great place to venture outdoors. Popular sports in Utah include snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, and even wake boarding. Park City is very popular for skiing and snowboarding, and just in general a lot of fun.

Backpacking and other adventures await. The best part about Utah’s wilderness is that it is expansive. You will never run out of places to explore. And, you do not have to have a lot of money to get out there to enjoy it.

This state has some wild nature to it. From Salt Lake itself, the great salt flats of Bonneventure Salt Flats itself is a sight to be seen and experienced to have a true appreciation for it. And, beyond just experiencing it, the views are nothing short of spectacular, awe-inspiring, and just beautiful.

So, whether you have a party of people who are fitness champions or people who like to walk nightly for fun, there are trips and trails for all of them. Keep in mind that you will want to check out the difficulty level of an areas before heading out in case anyone is not up for a challenge, or would be bored by a lot of easy hiking. Other than that, check the weather, and go prepared to leave behind the cares of the world, while you refresh your connection to nature.

Places To Go In Utah
The Wasatch Mountains are near the shared border between Idaho and Utah, spreading out over 160 miles. The best way to describe these mountains is that they are exactly what most people have in mind when they hear the word mountain. The Bear River Mountains are an extension of them and provide challenge within the natural beauty.

The Uinta Mountains are a great place to go if you will be out in Salt Lake City. This moutain range kisses Wyoming. They lie east-west up as a sub-range within the Rocky Mountains. What you may not expect, because honestly no one talks about this, but they are the highest mountain range in the continental United States. The peaks go from 11,000–13,528 feet, cresting at Kings Peak.

Getting back to nature is possible in Utah at some of the nation’s most beautiful natural spots. Go see them and experience it for yourself.