Apartment shifting is a tricky business and a lot of things need to be taken care of while shifting. Once you move into a new place you need to check various things and this article will help you on that.

First thing that you must change is your house address; you must go to the post office and get the address changed. If you have subscribed to any of the magazines, then do give them a call and get your address updated. Do not forget to change your address, as you might end up paying for the stuff that actually never reached you, so to avoid these sort of situations do get it changed. Moving the luggage and things from here to there might result in some sort of injury, so make sure that you have your first aid kit in a right place.

Check the house and look for the circuit breaker, if you cannot find one, contact the owner and ask him about its location. Chances are that it might not be labeled, so you need to label it yourself. Remember these things seem small but they are very helpful in emergency cases, so do not neglect these things at all. Apart from the electricity circuit breaker you must also know the locations of the gas and water shut offs. Please do not delay this stuff as no one knows what is going to happen next, as you are new in this apartment you must also know the emergency exits of the place. In fact gather your whole family and tell them about the emergency exits, especially if you have children tell them how to use these emergency exits. Mostly new apartments come with installed smoke detectors, but if your apartment does not have smoke detectors then get them installed without any delay. Remember safety comes first.

Children must know the new home address and help them memorize this address. While you are shifting luggage make sure that you place all the things in the right place, though it is better to make a list of all your belongings and then cross check them after you’ve moved in. You must get your locks changed as soon as you move in one of the Perrysburg Ohio apartments, because no one knows that how many keys of your place are floating outside and who has them. So to be on the safer side, change the locks of the door as soon as you could. Although it is strongly advised that you get the locks changed even if you are getting the apartment on rent as security nowadays is the major concern to all.